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FCS Foundation

Supporting the next generation to see farther, dream bigger, and achieve more.

A Foundation for Success

We are a group of parents, grandparents, and community members who are passionate supporters of Christian education. 

We exist to help equip Faith Christian School with the resources and support necessary to provide an affordable, quality Christian education. We do this by sponsoring several fundraising events throughout the year

We are also encouraging our End-of-Year drive to continue through December 31st. Join our year-end challenge to finish the year strong! This is an important opportunity to make a tax-deductible gift before the end of the year. To make gifts of things like grain or appreciated stock, please contact the Foundation at             (308) 236-8744 for more information. To make an online gift, click the button below


“My family loves Faith Christian!  As an FCS teacher and parent, the things that mean the most to me are Biblical teachings scattered all throughout our day, even within our academic curriculum, and a smaller environment for deeper relationships. These two factors are big in helping lead to hearts open to the Holy Spirit's nudgings, making problem-solving that much richer.  Because we, students and staff alike, get to spend our days intertwining God's word and prayer into all we do, it helps flood these habits into our lives outside of school.  The Biblical foundation being built within the walls of FCS is one that I pray lasts a lifetime for all who attend!” -Skye Clark
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